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Light of Love

Hello I found you on line
It's been a long time. How are you?
Every now and then
I remember when we used to
run barefoot through wildflower fields
sunlight in our hair
We'd blow dandelion seeds
onto the winds of our dreams. without a care.

The light of love will never die
It always lives inside our hearts and minds
It's the flame that burns so bright
A lantern in the dark, the yearning of the heart
The Flame of Love  endures through time.

Hey You used to say
that I  had a way that set your heart free.
Do dreams wash ashore from our lives before
when you loved me?
Are you happy with the life you chose?
Does she fill your soul?
I'm still waiting for the man 
that will need me as I am
​because I know


It's so nice to hear your voice again
We can make a brand new choice my friend
and listen to our hearts 
beneath the glistening stars
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