The Flame of Freedom

A new dawn is whispering
through the mountains and plains
In this  chapter of history
as time turns the page
Golden eagles soar with grace
above the land and sea
Evergreens and clear blue lakes
Her beauty speaks to me

As destiny hails, Her glory and might
Her torch will prevail, through the darkness of night
Our Lady’s amazing, sweet Liberty
Crowned with light rays she gazes from eternity

The flame of freedom shines, through stormy skies
May the healing begin, as heaven’s angels fly
They gather broken dreams, up from the edge of night
And bring our loved ones home, upon their wings of light
The flame of freedom shines, throughout all time

May her torch shine brightly with humility
Lighting up the world, 
to reach those in need
May her gardens flourish
and harvests become ripe
As we give in service and  share the light

We are all one people, of this sacred land
We must come together 
for the greater plan 
To help each other and do all we can
For her chalice of light,  United we stand